I have worked with David now at two separate medical device companies. I have found David’s knowledge of signal processing and mathematics to be exceptional. David has helped us analyze and optimize complex code structures and algorithms, build tool sets to perform advanced signal analysis, design signal processing filters specific to our product needs as well as participate in patent writing and inventions. David is very detail oriented and disciplined in his approach to algorithm and feature design as well as data analysis and visualization. I strongly recommend David for any work involving advanced signal processing. Above and beyond his technical skills, David is a pleasure to work with and is a true team player. He has demonstrated great flexibility and adaptation to a constantly changing environment with shifting direction and priorities.
–Aaron R. Peterson, VP R&D HeartSciences

Dave acted as a consultant to Perimeter on our clinical data management strategy. He is highly detail-oriented and passionate about his work. Dave has helped companies navigate through the painful outcomes of handling data badly, and as a result he is able to articulate the need for diligent data management to individuals from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds. Dave’s expertise would be an asset to any company embarking on the collection or handling of large datasets.
–Liz Munro, President of Canadian Operations at Perimeter Medical Imaging

I have worked with David for 5+ years in a variety of complex areas. His ability to assist the company in develping solutions to complex problems in the areas of signal processing, C++ code development, patent development and recently in artificial intelligence has been key to solving multiple complex issues. We continue to use his services and certainly do not hesitate to recommend him to any others that may need this type of assistance.
–Mark Hilz, President/CEO HeartSciences

David is a highly intelligent, methodical individual. He has the ability to analyze complex, multi disciplinary problems, break them into well defined manageable tasks and drive them towards solutions. David has worked well in cross functional teams; as a team leader as well as individual contributor. His calm, well thought out demeanor has provided stability and motivation to his team even in high stress, rapidly changing environments. As a manager, David mentors his direct reports to bring out their full potential, blends their talents into a highly effective team, and keeps their efforts in line with company goals.
–Ingmar Viohl, Ph.D, VP/Co-Founder Hartland Technologies (ATechDevGroup)

David has a piercing intellect. He showed consistently over the time that we worked together that he could find the whole answer instead of a bandaid. His solutions were always practical and to the point to efficiently give answers to support the design work that our team was tasked with. He has made a lasting contribution at St. Jude and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.
–Duncan Gray, Director of Hardware Engineering at Lumenir

David is a master synthesizer of information related to issues with products or systems, and uses the wealth of information he gathers to propose appropriate and thorough solutions. His understanding of the relationships and interactions of the products provides a solid background for decision-making and recommendations on how to solve problems.
–Amie Klager, QA/RA Manager – CAPA at Hill-Rom

Dave plans, prepares and directs R&D project work very well and very methodically in an extremely efficient manner. Dave is able to integrate information, data, staff and technology by working with cross-functional teams which results in defined and unambiguous goals. Dave breaks the goals into tasks which are delegated to the appropriate skilled staff and reviews the work for quality and proper documentation. Dave is 100% committed to producing clear and properly written documentation that is consistent with FDA requirements for releasing active medical devices into production.
–Ana Keef, Sr. Systems Engineer at St. Jude Medical

Dave is a thorough and conscientious engineer, and a pleasure to work with. He demonstrates integrity at every turn, and an open door for any colleague who needs his time.
–Curtis Klager, Biostatistician II at St. Jude Medical

During the years that I worked with Dave, I developed a great appreciation for his leadership, his clarity of communication and his focus on product development to meet the company objectives.
Dave is both an experienced design engineer and a proficient project manager. One attribute that sets Dave apart is his ability to analyze any given situation by examining the components and the parameters of the situation and after thoughtful consideration of the possible outcomes, he decides on the best course of action. I saw this process at work with Dave time and time again whether it was discussing mechanical and electronic design issues, manufacturing issues, surgical issues or personnel issues.
Dave is effective in making the transition from thought into action. He is able to understand the skill set of those who work for him and assigns tasks for the most productive and efficient outcome. He also understands the skills of the support staff and knows how to best utilize those resources.
Dave treats all people with the same consideration and respect whether they are a production worker or a company president. This is a skill that makes others want to work with Dave to help him complete his projects. When the project needed close interaction, he communicated with me and when he was sure that I understood the assignment, he left me alone to get the work completed.
Dave manages the projects and leads people and understands the difference between these responsibilities. As a consultant with the opportunities being equal, I would choose to work with Dave over any other manager.
–Hugo Haselhuhn, Product Design Consultant

I have had the opportunity to work with Dave since 2002 when I was at ViR. Dave once again hired me in 2009 when I started my consulting company. Dave is an intelligent, articulate individual. He is well organized and clearly states his goals and objectives. His management style is cooperative. He works with and coordinates the efforts of all the individuals participating in the project.
Dave is very good at managing a project because he understands the technology behind it.
Dave has a good grasp of electrical and mechanical engineering and is able to make informed decisions and guide the project to success.
I hope in the future to be able to work with Dave again.
–Mike Collinson, Biomedical Engineering Manager at Parker Hannifin

I have been David’s immediate supervisor for both Implanted Acoustics and PercuPort for the past 7 years. During this time, I have gotten to know and respect David as a skilled, hardworking, and loyal engineer and manager. David is well versed in his field of training, electrical engineering and DSP software, and has a considerable understanding of other fields of study. I highly recommend David for both employment and contract work. He is a team player and would be a great asset to any organization.
–Buzz Moran, President at Moran Consulting

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