How We Bridge the Gap from Objectives to Solutions

Assist communication between technical teams and executives/investors
Worked directly with CEOs and Entrepreneurs as well as technical staff

Review proposed technologies
Experienced in working with technology startups

Identify and resolve technical and systemic obstacles
Proficient in isolating issues and providing solutions

Systematize data collection and management
Identifies data loss points, organizes paper trails

Provide advice on Signal Processing required to complete project
Efficient at constructing blueprint for project from conception to completion

Signal Processing solutions
PhD and veteran in Signal Processing, proficient in producing results

Meet deadlines
Adept at creating manageable goals to stay on target with minimal resources

Maximize the talent of your human capital
Proficient in identifying skills, aspiration, and untapped abilities in employees and contractors to reach company objectives

Identify the holes in patents — and close them
Experience working with patent attorneys

Technology transfer
Practiced at handover of technology within a growing team, from entrepreneur/university to industry, or after a company sale

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