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We are passionate about good clean data for the research and development of reliable electronic medical devices.  Our services include signal processing and feature extraction as well as reviewing and recommending data management methodologies.  These services are performed with the objective of keeping signals and other data synchronized within and between teams, pipelines, and device subsystems.

Signal Processing

When data comes in the form of time or spatial/image signals, they may need filtering, transformation, or other conditioning within the signal processing system.  Features from those signals may be extracted as a final indicator or as input to further processing such as a machine learning model.  Carefully designed input features may reduce the amount of data needed to train a model or may simplify the model requirements.  Signals In Sync can help determine and implement signal conditioning and feature extraction algorithms.

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Data Management

While much attention is placed on algorithms and analysis, one of the most important aspects is knowing what data you have, where it came from, and how it was handled along the way.  If this information is not detailed and retained, the value of the analysis is questionable, and in some cases the data can’t be used at all.  From acquisition to archive, it is much more cost effective to address data challenges earlier in the pipeline and the development.  Signals In Sync can help identify areas of concern and recommend methods to improve data handling throughout the project and the device.

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In a data or signal processing system, there are many pieces that need to be coordinated.  Examples include ensuring the data being collected is oriented toward the objectives of the project, matching patient demographics and lab testing with device data, and aligning intra-system time-series parallel pipelined data.  Signals In Sync can help tie these pieces together.

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