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Signals In Sync

The term Signals in Sync has two distinct definitions. David Krubsack PhD, Principal Consultant, specializes in the intersection of the two.

The first definition originates in signal processing - the collection, analysis, and output of data that represent signals. Often these signals are analog that have been converted to digital signals for processing. Analysis may include characterization, models, algorithms, and simulations. The result may then be converted back to analog signals.

The second definition conveys important communication between two or more parties. In a corporate environment, these communications may occur between departments, projects, vendors, and customers.

The intersection of these two definitions is David Krubsack's focus. That is methodologies to communicate and integrate the business's core competency data throughout the company with the goal to develop new technologies, improve device performance, solve persistent problems, and create efficiencies.

Articles posted on this site provide examples of these methodologies. David Krubsack is available to teach and perform these methods at your organization.